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Hiring a cabin

Cabins are leased for a minimum period of six months (less by negotiation at an increased rate). Read a summary of the lease contract.

What to do

  1. Complete all sections of the application form and print
  2. Include a $50 deposit
  3. Post it to the branch of RoomMate Cabins in your area

RoomMate will consider your complete application immediately it has been received (along with your $50 deposit) and, when accepted:

  1. Arrange delivery for a day and at a time to suit you.

    Deliveries can be made:
    • in the weekend and
    • outside of usual business hours, but only by arrangement.

If you application is declined, your deposit is refunded in full.


  • Weekly or monthly payment options - the choice is yours.
  • No bond, (because of this, all payments must be in advance - there are no exceptions).
  • Delivery, which includes leveling on site and the eventual uplifting of your cabin
  • Payments are made by automatic bank transfer
  • Cabins can be purchased outright. There is no 'rent to buy' option
Monthly payers:

Because all payments are made on the 15th of each month, how much you pay initially depends on what day of the month you obtain your cabin.

An example: For delivery on 19th of March

  • you pay for delivery
  • rental for the remainder of that month (12 days, calculated on a daily basis)
  • and also rental for April

Your next payment would be on the 15th April(for May), and then on the 15th of each month for the duration of the hire period. You could be as much as six weeks in credit.

Weekly payments:
  • You pay for delivery
  • and four weeks in advance

The week following delivery you start making payment and must keep the payments in advance. You cease payments towards the end of the hire period.

Delivery of your cabin

delivery trailorIt is your responsibly to prepare for the delivery of the cabin.

They are delivered on a purpose built trailer towed by a 4WD vehicle, or a small truck. For this reason we will need wheeled access to your site (no obstacles). The trailer is 2.5 metres wide and the cabin, when on the trailer is 3.3 metres high. Overhead wires, trees and house eaves can sometimes prevent delivery. Please check!

The cabin site needs to be relatively flat. We will do the final levelling.