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Quotes from some of our happy customers

use a cabin for flatting

I wanted to go flatting but was a bit apprehensive. Hire of a RoomMate cabin helped prepare me for a more permanent move. I had my freedom and could come and go as I please, but still had family support nearby. For me it has provided the best of both worlds and it was a good start

- Older teen

Working from home is great as it cuts down on travel time and cost. But you need to have a designated area so that you're not trying to juggle things around family life. With careful planning, I have created a fully equipped office with desk space, computer, fax and storage and there's still room to interview clients in the cabin which is sited in a tranquil garden setting. What's more, it's all tax deductible!

- Financial consultant

My hobby is not dirty but it can be messy. Now I find that at the end of a productive day or night I can simply walk out and not have to clean up for fear my handiwork will be wrecked by the kids. The cabin has provided me with my own haven. It's my room only, keep out!

Hobby artist

We didn't mind our worker shaing the dinner table, and 'Jenny' was happy doing his laundry etc. But it was good for him to have his own room with his own TV and he could come an go as he wished. Also, as sharemilkers, we didn't want the cost of building a permanent structure so hiring a RoomMate cabin was the perfect solution. When we move to another job, the cabin will come with us

- Sharemilkers

a cabin as an teenage bedroom

Studying was never easy for me, with the other kids wanting to do 'their own thing' and the usual interruptions in a busy house. RoomMate has given me my own room, complete with TV, stereo and computer, and I find I now actually enjoy studying in my own pad

- Student

Thanks to RoomMate, and mum and dad's generosity in allowing us to site the cabin in the backyard, our weekly rental has dropped from $230 per week to $45.00. We are now able to save an extra $185 per week towards owning our own home. It's not an ideal situation but we have our own space, it is cost effective and I'm sure we'll look back at it in years to come and agree it was fun

Young married couple