Application to lease a ‘RoomMate’ MOVABLE CABINS                  

Although payments are made in advance, the cost of uplifting a RoomMate in the event of a client not making agreed payments is crippling. For this reason, we conduct a credit check of prospective hirers. Completion of the application form formally authorises RoomMate to research your credit rating by contacting the referee (as named by you), Baycorp and/or any other institute who may assist in helping to establish a credit rating.

RoomMate retains the right to decline any application without giving any reason for doing so. Should an application be declined by RoomMate, your deposit will be refunded in full. However, once your order has been approved, should you then cancel that order, an administration fee of $25.00 will be deducted from the deposit paid.

Surname____________________________________________Christian Name(s)____________________________

Delivery Address for RoomMate___________________________________________________________________

Residential address_____________________________________________________________________________

Postal address (if different from above) ______________________________________________________________

Date of birth (for individuals) _____/_____/_____.  OR  Company registration number (for companies)  _______________
(This information is required to enable us to register the cabin lease)

Email address___________________________________________________________

Employer (or unemployed/beneficiary/student) ________________________________________________________

Contact numbers: Home:___________________Work:__________________Mobile:____________________Fax:_________________

Give names and contact numbers for two CREDIT referees:



Do you wish to pay weekly or monthly? Weekly/Monthly (delete one)
Would you prefer the cabin window left or right?
(Note: left or right as viewed from the oustide, looking towards the door)
Left/right (delete one)

Post this completed form and your $50.00 deposit to the franchisee in your area.

For address details, refer to "Franchisees Section"